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by Jim Collins

One line takeaway

“Focused, consistent work on just the things that match your long-term vision”

Extra takeaways

Working with the right people is the most important thing.

It’s not more work to be ‘great’ – it just involves disciplined thought and disciplined action.

Flywheel concept: if you’re trying to get a massive concrete wheel turning, it’s impossible to say which specific ‘turn’ or ‘push’ did it; it’s the build up of consistent effort.

Strip away all the ‘noise’ and focus only on what will have the greatest impact aka The Hedgehog Concept:

  • What can you be the best in the world at? [think niche!]
  • What drives your economic engine [makes you profit]
  • What are you deeply passionate about? [won’t even feel like hard work

Your product/offering/services can change, but they will stay true to your overall concept.