Hi, my name’s Matt Fripp


I work with jazz musicians around the world helping them to grow their careers.

Originally a saxophone player, I graduated from a 4-year jazz degree at The Guildhall School of Music in London back in 2008 and, about a year later, started out working for one of the UK’s leading jazz music agencies.

In the subsequent years, I’ve booked more than 2,000 gigs around the world for a roster of 40+ musicians, including Anthony Strong, Get The Blessing, Hailey Tuck, Binker & Moses and Phronesis.

In 2016 I set up a website called Jazzfuel which provides industry insight & interviews for jazz musicians and articles & guides for jazz fans.

The site includes a growing community of more than 4,000 musicians around the world and offers a range of services including album release campaigns and coaching. 

Find out more and connect via Jazzfuel.com